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Inspection solutions and software at SMTconnect

At Viscom‘s stand at SMTconnect, visitors can take a look at the S3088 ultra gold, S3088 DT, X7056-II, X8011-II PCB, S3088 CCI, S6056BO and S3088 SPI systems. Source: Viscom AG

Thirty-five years of experience in assembly inspection are reflected not only in top-quality inspection and outstanding speed of Viscom‘s inspection systems, but also in the diversity of applications in which they are used. At the SMTconnect electronics trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, from May 7–9, 2019, the company’s full range of inspection technologies will be on display, from solder paste inspection to SMD and solder joint inspection, to the reliable detection of voids and the inspection of wire connections and conformal coatings. In line with the theme „The Future of Electronics Manufacturing“, the company will be showing cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions and contemporary, intuitive tools of the vVision inspection software.

The S3088 SPI solder paste inspection shines in particular with its ability to intelligently link solder paste inspection results with solder joint and assembly inspection (3D AOI), as well as with the paste printer and automatic assembly system. The Quality Uplink software runs behind the scenes to enable connection and communication. The results from all inspection sites can be used for overall evaluations of individual components or solder joints and can trigger automatic actions of other machines, such as necessary offset correction. „Visitors can persuade themselves of the virtues of the S3088 SPI system, not only at our stand, but also together with our S3088 ultra chrome 3D AOI system in a production line at the Panasonic Industry Europe stand,“ says Carsten Salewski, Head of Sales, Marketing and International Business.

Six other inspection systems will also be featured: S3088 ultra gold, with its 3D AOI sensor system, ensures top product quality for renowned electronics manufacturers around the globe. The proven, flexible system provides fast, reliable, top-of-the-line measurement and inspection results, as well as realistic 360 ° views as an additional aid to defect evaluations during verification processes. As a new development in the high-end 3D AOI segment the company is presenting the S3088 DT: designed for large-scale series production requirements, the new inline system offers high-precision inspection quality and ultra-fast dual track operation. Its integrated monitor means it requires very little space in the production line.

The advantages of the vVerify verification workstation can likewise be experienced firsthand during the trade show. Here, among others, X-ray images from the company’s inspection systems are used to evaluate possible production errors. The X7056-II 3D AXI system, which has already garnered five international awards, uses planar computed tomography to generate orthogonal and vertical slices from high-volume data, thus exposing voids in solder joints with the utmost precision. In ideal scenarios, this high-performance 3D AXI system takes just four seconds to automatically change the assemblies being inspected.

For manual X-ray inspection of prototypes or for sampling, electronics manufacturers rely on the 3D MXI systems. The X8011-II PCB is distinguished by its brilliant X-ray image quality, and an extensive set of software features make it a very reliable inspection gateway for small-series inspection. The company offers several different special modules for flexible sample handling, including a motorized rotation-and-tilt axis and a rotation module. „You can have all the details explained to you directly on the machine at SMTconnect. We are also available to assist in the implementation of custom projects to meet very specific demands,“ explains Rolf Demitz, division head for new products and special inspection systems.

The likewise exhibited S6056BO system for high-volume bond inspection and S3088 CCI system for precision inspection of conformal coatings on printed circuit boards additionally underscores the wide range of customer-specific offerings. The diversity of its solutions and its development expertise make the company a reliable expert who will continue to set trailblazing standards with its innovations in the future.

SMTconnect, Booth 4A-120


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