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3. InnovationsFORUM Hungary

Unfortunately, InnovationsForum Hungary 2018 has been cancelled. We thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



For some time now, Eastern Europe has been seen as the higher volume factory for Europe, but things are now changing and innovation is moving in, along with the world’s largest OEMs and brands. This impacts the manufacturing landscape, as companies gear up for growth in innovation and new product introduction (NPI), all while remaining competitive and attractive for medium and higher volumes.

Focus: Process optimization/ data integration

InnovationsFORUM Hungary is a thematically focused industry event offering high-value content for visitors and an extensive range of services for participating partners. The goal of the event is the presentation of new strategies to minimize risk and nurture competitiveness within the electronics manufacturing industry.

Keynote: András Bence-Kiss, CEO Qatalyst “Democratizing Industry Intelligence”

About András Bence-Kiss:
I’m a tech person who is inspired by mechanisms, technologies, and performance like many of you. As a mechanical engineer with material science, quality assurance, project management background and need for innovation, I feel responsible to support production companies as well as possible. This is Qatalyst, an industry intelligence software to be the matrix to build industry 4.0 to the top, supporting the supplier chains, from the smallest to the biggest OEM.


Event Organizer:

About EPP
The Konradin Publishing Group specializes in communication and information services, providing expert, user oriented information across a broad range of fields. The portfolio of products ranges from trade and special interest magazines to specialist books, e-papers, online portals, newsletters, seminars, congresses and individual, target group specific projects. Consisting of over 15 trade magazines, special publications, and online portals for decision makers in industry and representing one of the most varied ranges within the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Local Media Partner:

 ELEKTROnet Hungary

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Unfortunately, InnovationsForum Hungary 2018 has been cancelled. We thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Speaker and Presentation Title

Keynote: András Bence-Kiss, CEO Qatalyst
“Democratizing Industry Intelligence”
After Industry4.0, the next two upcoming buzzwords will be artificial intelligence and blockchain. We already see in other fields how effective they are, as cryptocurrencies try to revolutionize banking, and AI tries to make our shopping on Amazon easier, this could also be applied to our supply chains to make decision making easier, production more effective, as well as, make it more traceable and robust. AI could also help us to improve our people, machines, and processes, to make them more transparent. This AI agent could be transferred to any companies and develop a Manufacturing Master Algorithm itself. The main basis of these technologies is trust, security, and enough good quality data.

Speaker: Sebastian Bechmann, responsible of the Application Center, Christian Koenen GmbH
PLASMA 2.0 for stencils – process reliability for smallest deposits
The talk highlights the various applications that would benefit from the new PLASMA 2.0 coating besides identifying the added value this would bring to your production line.

Speaker: Jürgen Friedrich, responsible for application technology, Ersa GmbH
No need to fear artifi cial intelligence in electronics production
A look is taken at the infl uence of new technologies in the area of process optimisation as well as the associated benefits. Exciting scenarios describe future developments and provide food for thought on cross-sectoral implementation.
Assistance systems make a major contribution; they are to be seen as an opportunity for staff, not as a threat.

Speaker: Jonas Ernst, Export Sales Manager, FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION GmbH
Optimize production with M2M communication
My lecture deals with the production in the most modern way and that machines from different manufacturers are networked in a Smart Factory via M2M communication. A production environment is created in which manufacturing plants and logistics systems are largely self-organizing and communicating together without human Intervention.

Speaker: Mr. Gabor Tovaj, Sales Manager, Koh Young Europe GmbH
Using SMT line measurement information along the data highway
With the description „Using the SMT line measurement information along the data highway“ we can illustrate the complex and sophisticated requirements a company’s entire staff is now confronted with. And this is irrespective of function or position of every employee; it equally affects operators, production management, the head of quality assurance, and top management.

Speaker: Florian Roick, Strategic Product Manager, LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
Process-optimized laser cutting
In his presentation, Florian Roick will present the main advantages of UV laser technology for cutting PCB assemblies. He is particularly interested in the mechanical and electrical reliability of laser-cut printed circuit boards. All investigations carried out to date show that the use of laser technology has no disadvantage over mechanical separation processes.

Speaker: Csaba Pető, Managing Director of Microsolder Ltd. for Viscom
Total control with automatic in-line inspection
This presentation describes existing data interfaces and automatisms already used to optimize processes today. Progressive advancements in miniaturization force the electronics manufacturer to achieve stable processes with consistently high first-pass yield through automated processes and efficient communication between machines.

Speaker: Krisztian Kern, BDM, ViTechnology
The production location Germany for the electronics industry can only assert itself through quality and know-how
– How to handle information from SPI and AOI
– Data correlation and convert to useful production information (Sigma Line Project)


Unfortunately, InnovationsForum Hungary 2018 has been cancelled. We thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Unfortunately, InnovationsForum Hungary 2018 has been cancelled. We thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Venue: Gödöllői Királyi Kastély Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft., 2100 Gödöllő, Grassalkovich-palace/ 5852


By car:

– 30 km from Budapest on M3 motorway

– By road No. 3. from Budapest,Őrs vezér tér

Entrance to the event + free parking: Ady Endre stny, gate No V


By public transportation:

– By HÉV (green suburban railway) from Budapest, Örs vezér tere to Gödöllő Szabadság tér station (50 min.)

– By bus from Budapest Stadion VOLÁN bus station

– By train from Budapest Keleti railway station (on line Hatvan-Füzesabony-Miskolc)

Entrance to the event + free parking: Ady Endre stny, gate No V


Hotel Suggestions

There is an abundance of quality hotels in the surrounding area to suit everyone’s budget. Here is the InnovationsForum event team recommendations, due to its close proximity to the venue, should you require an overnight stay to enjoy the Gödöllő/Budapest experience further.

Erzsébet Királyné Szálloda –
Address: 2100 Gödöllő, Dózsa György út 2., Hungary

Nefelejcs Panzió-
Address: 2100 Gödöllő, Béke utca 8., Hungary

Szie Student Hotel –
Address: 2103 Gödöllő, Páter Károly utca 1., Hungary

Hotel Parlament –
Address: 1054 Budapest, Kálmán Imre utca 19., Hungary

Bohem Art Hotel –
Address: 1056 Budapest, Molnar u. 35., Hungary

Hotel Zenit Budapest Palace
Address: 1052 Budapest, Apaczai Csere János utca 7., Hungary

Hotel President –
Address: 1054 Budapest, Hold utca 5., Hungary

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