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Open House and company name change for Schleuniger Test Automation

Cirris Solutions becomes Schleuniger Test Automation GmbH: Managing Directors Rainer Watzka and Gerhard Grotthaus (from left) and Schleuniger CEO Christoph Schüpbach unveil the Schleuniger sign to celebrate the name change. Source: Schleuniger
On September 15, 2016, more than one hundred customers attended Schleuniger Test Automation GmbH’s Open House in Jettingen, Germany. Schleuniger Test Automation GmbH, formerly Cirris Solutions GmbH, held the Open House to celebrate the new company name, which in-line with the well-known Schleuniger claim to be precise, took effect on the previous day.

The Open House event was held under the motto „Best in Test at Schleuniger’s location in Jettingen, Germany“. More than one hundred existing and potential customers attended the event and gained an in-depth insight into testing technology and the automation of corresponding testing processes. The event was the first of its kind for both Schleuniger and for the visitors. It was the first time that a leading supplier of wire processing solutions held an event during which both test automation solutions as well as fully-automatic and semi-automatic systems for cable manufacturing and cable harness production were presented and demonstrated. The mobile showroom, which stopped in Jettingen as part of this year’s Schleuniger road show, provided an additional highlight. Rainer Watzka who is responsible for sales and, alongside Gerhard Grotthaus, is the second Managing Director of Schleuniger Test Automation GmbH, is delighted with the event’s success. “We had some excellent discussions. It was a tremendous learning opportunity for both us and our guests.”
The event was organized to celebrate the name change, which took effect on the previous day. Schleuniger acquired Cirris Solutions GmbH in May 2015 and has since laid the foundations for further growth. For Schleuniger’s CEO, Christoph Schüpbach, the company name change is another milestone on the path towards the comprehensive integration of testing technology and test automation into the Schleuniger Group. “Systems with Schleuniger technology inside also have the Schleuniger brand on the outside,” Christoph Schüpbach emphasizes. The name change makes it clearer to customers that Schleuniger Test Automation GmbH is the perfect enhancement for our Solutions Business Unit. “Schleuniger has not only coined the term Solutions in our sector, but is currently the only company worldwide that masters both process automation and test automation. This is the only way in which we can be what our customers have every right to expect from us: a strategic system partner.”
The company offers its customers solutions for testing cables and cable harnesses, plug connectors and plastic parts, hybrid assemblies, as well as function modules. The spectrum of test options ranges from electrical connection testing, to presence, mechanical, and visual checks, right through to component checks. In the field of testing/test automation, the company offers everything from one single source and combines testing intelligence with the highest level of engineering expertise. In the field of machine engineering, the company relies on standardized modules in order to offer solutions that are both first-class and cost-effective. Moreover, the company can also implement custom-made solutions for highly specialized testing requirements.

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