Building pcb depanelling machines according to the modular principle

Separating printed circuit boards from large panels

Building pcb depanelling machines according to the modular principle

pcb depanelling
The modular design of the ILR-2200 depanelling machine can be easily and quickly adapted to new challenges. Source: Schunk Electronic Solutions

Schunk Electronic Solutions brings the ILR-2200 to market. It is a fully automatic inline pcb depanelling machine with a modular design, that separates individual printed circuit boards from large entire PCBs (panel), by using a milling module. „Electronics producers buy a cost-effective basic version and can retrofit the machine at any time with milling and gripping modules, a camera system or a second, or even a third, printed circuit board handling that minimizes dead times,“ explains Jochen Ehmer, Managing Director. „The machine grows with the needs of the companies. This flexibility makes companies ready for the Industry 4.0 era, in which production environments must become more agile.“ The ILR-2200 will be available in the middle of this year.

Short cycle times with positioning accuracy

The users of the depanelling machine benefit from short cycle times. The panels reach the machine‘s interior in less than two seconds via a linear motor high-speed feed. There, a milling module separates the PCBs with an accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. Due to the linear motor axes and modern control technology, the modules achieve a traverse speed of two meters per second when milling and ten meters per second when sawing.

The separated PCBs are placed on a conveyor belt or in a shuttle system using a gripper to be transported for further processing. The gripper works with a programmable angular position and achieves positioning accuracy of ± 0.02 mm. This corresponds to a third of the diameter of a human hair. This accuracy ensures that sensitive components are not damaged. Milling and sawing are also simultaneously active in one pcb depanelling machine. „Through the eliminated set-up times and maintenance-free linear motor axes, the production flow rate increases,“ says Ehmer.

Availability of over 98 percent

Users also benefit from fail safety and low energy costs. „The ILR-2200 depanelling machine has a proven technical availability of over 98 percent,“ according to Ehmer. „And the power consumption of a two-shuttle version is only 800 Watt – hardly more than the energy consumption of a microwave.“


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