Expanded product range for the intelligent factory

Jet printing

Expanded product range for the intelligent factory

jet dispensing
The next-generation MYPro series. Source: Mycronic
Mycronic AB (publ) demonstrated a wide array of new assembly solutions for the intelligent factory at the SMT Hybrid Packaging show. Products on display included the new MY300 pick-and-place solution, the new MY700 high-speed jet dispenser for jet printing of solder paste and dispensing of assembly fluids, and new dispensing and conformal coating equipment.

Introducing the next-generation MYPro series
To help manufacturers boost productivity amid a growing mix of products, assembly fluid applications and complex miniaturized components, the company introduced its next-generation MYPro series product lineup. The latest release is the compact new MY300 pick-and-place solution, which promises higher real speeds and expanded feeder capacity within a 40 percent smaller machine footprint than previous generations. This follows on the recent launch of the innovative MY700 jet printer and dispenser, which jets both solder paste and a wide range of adhesive and assembly fluids at the industry’s highest speeds.
MY300 – Higher productivity within a 40 percent smaller footprint
The new MY300 expands capacity up to 224 feeder positions within a 40 percent smaller footprint than previous models. At the same time, it also achieves higher real speeds due to a number of performance enhancements including automatic job selection and rolling changeover, as well as, faster board transfer and tool changes. Fully automated board train functionality is now standard on MY300DX and SX models, which significantly increases throughput thanks to simultaneous assembly of multiple boards. Additionally, the series’ improved linescan vision system, with up to 4k resolution, ensures a future-proof solution for even the most advanced fine-pitch components.
The MY300 will be available in three different models: the MY300DX, MY300SX and MY300LX, offering a wide selection of highly automated line configurations for any intelligent factory.
MY700 – Solder paste and adhesive jetting with twice the possibilities.
The MY700 combines a new dual-lane, dual-head design with high-speed, state-of-the-art jetting heads. The dual-head design covers the widest possible range of solder paste dot volumes for small and very large components, or can be configured to jet two different types of media. The dual-lane capability ensures a non-stop flow of multiple boards with no operator intervention. With just one fully software-driven machine, the MY700 makes it possible to cover a wide variety of challenging process steps with no need for screen printers or general dispensers, all within just one-and-a-half square meters of floor space.
The MY700 will be available in three different models: the MY700JX, MY700JP and MY700JD.
New portfolio of dispensing and conformal coating equipment
With last year’s acquisition of Axxon, one of China’s leading producers of dispensing and coating equipment for the electronics industry, Mycronic has significantly expanded its dispensing capabilities. At SMT Hybrid Packaging, the company exhibited several products from this portfolio, including a number of compact and versatile tabletop dispensing systems, as well as, flexible conformal coating systems for a range of applications.

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