PCB waterproofing becoming industry standard

Featuring nanocoatings for stencils and easy to apply treatments

Aculon, Inc., a provider of surface modification coatings for electronics, will hit the circuit during IPC Apex Expo 2019, January 26 – 31 in San Diego. IPC is a global trade association dedicated to furthering the competitive excellence and financial success of the electronics industry, and the show is its flagship event focused on the printed circuit board (PCB) and electronics manufacturing industry.

PCBs are the basic building block of any electronic design and has developed over the years into a very sophisticated component with delicate integrated circuits such as processors and microcontrollers. The company develops unique surface and interfacial coatings leveraging nanotechnology for the electronics industry.

The competitive nature of consumer electronics has driven the industry toward continuous improvement particularly in the assembly of electronics components onto the PCB. It requires a highly accurate and repeatable process. Stencil printing of solder paste onto the board is one of the most critical process steps in SMT. The NanoClear SMT stencil treatment, the premier stencil coating, improves print quality, increases throughput, reduces defects and enhances printing with small apertures.

From the consumer perspective, waterproofing electronic devices is moving from a desired feature to an industry standard, and the company’s NanoProof is a class of coating chemistry that achieves IPX7 and IPX8 protection, while providing a water repellent surface to circuitry, even within the tight constraints imposed by high-volume manufacturing lines. It is designed to treat all the typical materials found on a PCB including metals, semiconductors, and polymers, and can be readily applied by high speed jetting or dispense equipment to sensitive component areas, eliminating the need to mask or dam to fill with the treatment. This series has options that contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so it is highly desirable in regions where tight atmospheric controls are in place.

The company recently announced a strategic partnership with Henkel Corporation to support specific mobile device manufacturers with the waterproofing technology. The agreement extends the rights to manufacture and market NanoProof and affords both companies the opportunity to work with top electronic partners to bring innovative and essential waterproofing technologies to the global mobile device market.

 Apex, Booth 2118



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