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JTAG/Boundary Scan Platform with controllers for cabled PCI express standard

At the electronica trade show, Goepel electronic has introduced a new controller series compliant with PCI express external cabling specification, a new addition to the JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware platform Scanflex. The new family of Scanflex Boundary Scan controllers (SFX Controllers) is named SFX/PEC1149 and includes three models in different performance classes.

“For the first time, our new JTAG/Boundary Scan controllers combine the excellent PCI Express bus performance with the application flexibility of mobile peripheral devices. Demonstrating our commitment to implementing new industry standards”, says Thomas Wenzel, Managing Director of Goepel electronic’s Boundary Scan Division. “Users will not only benefit from higher test and programming throughput but the attractive price-performance-ratio of the newly developed controller series.”
After SFX controllers for PCI, PCIe, PXI, PXIe, USB/LAN, FireWire and LXI, SFX/PEC1149-(x) is the eighth in the family of Scanflex controllers – available in three performance classes A, B and C.
The models differ in the maximum TCK frequency (20, 50, and 80 MHz, respectively) and in the degree of implementation of the enhanced Space chip set for high performance scan operations. In contrast to conventional solutions, the integrated Fastscale technology allows an upgrade of the controller’s performance class “on the fly”, without intricate fitting of additional hardware. Standard features on all Scanflex controllers include Adysycs II for signal path delay compensation, and Hyscan for dynamic splitting of serial TAP vectors and parallel I/O vectors.
The new controller family’s x1 configuration achieves transfer rates up to 264 MB/s in „zero wait state burst mode“ and is based upon the PCI express external cabling hardware specification 1.0. The distance between PC and controller can be up to five metres without performance loss.
In combination with additional modular Scanflex components, such as TAP transceivers (SFX Transceiver) and I/O modules (SFX Modules) PCI express controlled Boundary Scan systems with up to eight Test Access Ports (TAP) and 31 additional functional modules can be configured.
All TAP are programmable in up to eight interface parameters. Furthermore, resources such as 32 dynamic I/O, two analog I/O channels, three static I/O, and trigger lines are standard features.
The controller SFX/PEC1149-(x) is fully supported in the Boundary Scan Software System Cascon from version 4.4.2 on.
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