Launch of all-in one HD digital microscope with high image quality of solder

For SMT electronics assembly inspection

Launch of all-in one HD digital microscope with high image quality of solder

HD digital microscope
The full HD digital microscope provides excellent image quality of solder joints on PCB assemblies and reflective metallic parts. Source: Inspectis AB

Inspectis AB announces the F30 all-in-one full HD digital microscope. New features and superb all-round performance now come together in this convenient, durable, industrial grade package. The F30 joins the F30s full HD digital microscope, known for its adaptability and versatility.

The F30s is popular for having established a reputation as the all-around ‘best choice’ for the widest range of visual inspection applications. Now, it combines all features and competitive advantages into an all-in-one system with a convenient plug-and-play format, with LED array and essential built-in controls (e.g., zoom, iris, color balance).

All basic parameters such as zoom, brightness and color levels, can be controlled through on-board buttons on top of the device, and a full range of additional control features and setting memories can be accessed using the HD-020 remote control or via computer software. The F30 also features an auxiliary power socket for use with the new ring light, providing excellent image quality for such structures as solder joints on PCB assemblies and highly reflective metallic parts, all with minimum glare and reflection.

F30 options include an ESD-protected housing and a built-in laser pointer. It brings uncommon capabilities and advantages to digital microscopy for SMT electronics assembly inspection including full FHD, 1080p 60 fps HDMI output for lag-free magnified working, superior 30:1 zoom optics with auto-focus, and a generous practical working distance. Objects under inspection are rendered sharp, clear, and large; its 56 x screen magnification on a 24 ” monitor, for example, can be increased up to 200 x with auxiliary lenses.

An optional built-in laser pointer aims at the area of interest and assists in quickly locating it on the screen, whilst efficient object handling is aided by the full range of thoughtfully-designed accessories.


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