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More of Europe‘s manufacturers are investing for the future

surface mounter
Demonstrating surface mounter, 3D AOI, and software tools for smart, connected manufacturing. Source: Yamaha Motor Europe IM
Yamaha Motor Europe IM entertained visitors across the spectrum of electronics manufacturing business, at SMT 2017, from small companies needing to maximize limited space, to large manufacturers upgrading multiple lines.

“This year’s SMT exhibition was extremely successful, with a high proportion of visitors coming with a green light to invest in next-generation assembly capabilities,” commented Mr. Ichiro Arimoto, General Manager of the company. “We connected successfully with our major accounts and potential new customers, and demonstrated how innovations like our new YSM40R mounter and advanced software tools can help them drive their businesses forward.”
The compact 1-metre wide footprint of the company’s 200,000 cph YSM40R 4-beam 4-head mounter captured imaginations. Engineered for revolutionary productivity, the YSM40R features high-speed motion-control algorithms, the new RS placement head, nozzle self-diagnosis and self-restoration to minimize stoppages, and a new high-speed side-view camera for pre- and post-mount component checking. The machine also features a new high-rigidity base frame that enhances placement accuracy and mounting reliability.
Alongside the YSM40R, the company’s range of mounters including the High-Efficiency Modular YSM20 drew attention from diverse types of manufacturers. Heading the 90,000 cph class, the YSM20 combines high speed, flexibility and efficiency with its smart component-shape recognition, accuracy compensation, the company’s “1-head solution”, and special design features for fast changeovers. The wide-body YSM20W delivers the same performance and dependability on a platform big enough to take-on high-value jobs beyond normal board-size limits, such as LED-lighting, medical-imaging and Cloud-server assemblies.
All YS mounters, including the YSM40R and YSM20/YSM20W, are ready for the company’s advanced Auto Loading (AL) feeders, which boost efficiency in high-volume production, as well as small-batch work where components are presented in short lengths of tape. The new tape is inserted without withdrawing the feeder, and the head’s built-in self-calibration preserves picking accuracy.
Many visitors came to see the company’s solutions for connecting assets across the factory, to help coordinate activities, maximize equipment utilization and uptime, and enhance product quality and end-of-line yield. These include QA Option software, which analyzes inspection data in real-time to help optimize upstream equipment, and Mobile Judgement that contacts supervisors automatically if attention is needed. In addition, the company’s machines connect seamlessly to manufacturers’ component-storage towers to manage automatic just-in-time replenishment, and there are powerful optional tools for setup, monitoring, and traceability. In addition, iProDB leverages the company’s unique full-line solution to perform historical analysis of machine data and drive extra process optimization and design improvement for even greater quality and productivity.
Visitors were also introduced to the latest members of the YSi-V family, which make the power of inline automatic optical inspection (AOI) even more accessible to a wider range of assemblers. A choice of 5Mpixel and 12Mpixel machines deliver high-accuracy 3D AOI for a variety of budgets, with the added benefit of laser component-height and coplanarity checking, as well as extra features in the high-speed TypeHS variants for even greater throughput.
The company’s full-line solution encompasses high-performance printers, such as the YCP-10, which has built-in productivity features that struck a chord with this year’s Nuremberg crowd. These include the company’s original variable-angle swing-single-squeegee head and graphical stencil/board alignment, automatic stencil cleaning, and optional in-printer inspection and solder-roll measurement.
The complete portfolio offers a comprehensive range of printers, dispensers, mounters, odd-form assemblers, 3D AOI, X-ray inspection systems, advanced robotic assemblers, and software to aid setup, navigation, monitoring and traceability. Users can also take advantage of productivity options such as self-calibrating auto-load feeders and stacked-stick feeders, special software tools, and mobile apps.

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