Smart Factory solutions for any application and all production requirements

Industry 4.0

Smart Factory solutions for any application and all production requirements

smart factory solutions
Panasonic's booth for Smart Factory solutions for “Any mix, any volume” productions.
Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe, a business division of Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe GmbH, presented innovative Smart Factory solutions for “Any mix, any volume” productions the SMT Hybrid Packaging trade show.
Hiroyuki Nagai, President of the company, comments: “Whether you call it smart factory, industry 4.0 or advanced manufacturing, it is always the same concept. This trend is currently changing production processes in manufacturing. Rather than isolated solutions, Panasonic promotes streamlined, agile and integrated systems, which are supported by the internet of things. We have developed the capability of supplying complete solutions that go beyond the production line. Customers receive our own best-in-class hardware and software tools, which we combine with products from partner companies. In this way, turnkey solutions can be provided for any application and all production requirements.”
Following a strong demand, the company opened its Technical Centre “Hotspot” with its slogan “connect to the factory of tomorrow” close to the office near Munich last year. The location consists of several rooms for machine and software trainings and a machine demonstration area for customers. It is equipped with screen printers and mounting machines from the company, as well as, complementary equipment from partner companies. The customer gets access to all of the company’s Factory Automation services and can connect all innovative solutions to create the modern factory of the future.
Total Solutions Line
The combination of versatile manufacturing solutions with products from top-class technology partner companies results in turnkey production solutions, all aspects of which are managed by the PanaCIM MES software.
Important features:
  • Extensive PanaCIM integration
  • Simplified product changeovers
  • Comprehensive production traceability
The company has the expertise to be the only contact partner with dedicated project management, support in the commissioning of production systems and qualified production support.
NPM-VF is the solution for processing special components
The innovative NPM-VF reduces the complexity of manual assembly, keeps costs down, increases productivity and adds versatility during the processing of surface-mounted devices and through-hole components.
Important features:
    • The only Dual Gantry, Multi-Head and Odd-Shape solution with a speed of 4500 comp./hr
    • Many standard head and in-feed options for comprehensive usage areas
    • 100 N plug-in force for snap-in, press-fit components, sockets and cable connectors
New NPM-W2S creates high flexibility
  • The new NPM-W2S is based on the well-known NPM-W2 platform for applications with large feeder set-ups and smaller batch sizes. The NPM-W2S is the perfect solution for lines with a higher product mixture, which construct complex assemblies or complement the NPM-W2 as a low-cost, flexible production booster.
Important features:
    • High-speed 03015 chip placement and 30 μm @ 1.00 Cpk precision
    • High-performance plug-in capability with up to 100 N for the processing of special components
    • Compatible with NPM-W2 single and dual lane PCB handling options
PanaCIM provides an all-in-one package
  • PanaCIM is a comprehensive new system-architectural innovative version of powerful manufacturing software, which can grow with the manufacturer and provide full and unprecedented integration in the cloud at the same time.
Important features:
    • The choice of a turnkey single solution provides better control at line and factory level
    • Rapid implementation with minimal infrastructure requirements reduces deployment costs
    • Product characteristics and capabilities are continuously being further developed by applying standards
Microelectronics enables high bonding speed and accuracy
  • The Panasonic MD-P300 is a Flip Chip Bonder from the comprehensive IC assembly system product range. The MD-P300 is designed for flip chip bonding, thermosonic bonding and thermocompression bonding.
Important features:
  • A high yield with outstanding throughput + simple conversion of the bonding tools by the user
  • The fast bonding speed and high bonding accuracy are achieved by using lightweight bonding heads with a low centre of gravity
  • The MD-P300 can process wafers with diameters of up to 300 mm
  • Thanks to the integrated camera on the bonding head, an immediate inspection after gluing is possible, i.e. real-time inspection in the manufacturing process
  • The MD-P300 can be combined with the SMD placement machines from Panasonic in order to realise chip-on-board hybrid assembly

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