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Smart storage systems streamlining material handling systems

smart storage
The InoMechanical carts and racks utilize a material management system that allow users to store and manage bagged parts, trays, PCB’s and more. Source: Inovaxe Corp.

Inovaxe is pleased to announce plans to exhibit at the IPC Apex Expo, taking place at the Convention Center in San Diego. The team will showcase the Smart InoMechanical storage solution, as well as its Smart Srex stationary storage solution.

 The storage solution is designed to store and manage all your inventory needs. As with the company’s reel storage system, the InoMechanical carts and racks utilize the powerful InoAuto material management system. This system allows user to store and manage bagged parts, Jedec trays, PCB’s and more. This product comes in two models and a multitude of configurations. The first model showcased is the SR140. It is a mobile smart cart that not only can support reels, but can now support trays, bins, and other non-reel parts as well. This mobile smart cart can accommodate up to 7 rows of reel parts or 14 rows of non-reel parts or a combination of both. The Srex200 is a fixed smart storage system that allows all manufactures looking for storage and traceability of non-reel parts. Within the small and compact footprint you can store and manage up to 264 unique part numbers. This can include bagged parts, Jedec tray parts, PCB‘s, and more. With these two additions to the family of smart storage solutions, it will allow users to manage every part in their inventory, not just their reel parts.

 Additionally, the company will showcase other InoAuto Smart storage solutions, including reel storage, stencil storage, MSD storage and more. The ultra-lean material handling systems enable users to locate parts in less than four seconds and return a part in less than eight seconds. The carts are mobile or fixed, can store 560 reels in 0.23 m2 or 1120 reels in 0.42 m2, and the ROI is less than six months. The company has provided manufacturers with the capabilities to substantially streamline their material handling systems to achieve the following benefits:

  • More than 90 % labor reduction in pulling kits and returning parts
  • More than 90 % space reduction for storing SMT parts and kits
  • Reduction of set up time and increase in machine up time
  • Reduction of operator travel time by 60 %
  • Eliminates paper for kit pull and feeder loading operation
  • Enhance inventory accuracy without counting parts
  • Reduce errors in the feeder set up operation
  • Typical ROI is less than three to six months

Apex, Booth 3417


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