Protecting both board and component

Soldering tips offer high precision and performance

Soldering tips offer high precision and performance.
Weller Tools expands its Active RT soldering tip program comply with IPC industry standards. Source: Weller Tools

Weller Tools, a manufacturer of hand soldering solutions, expands its Active RT soldering tip program. The expanded tip series offers the highest precision, while maximizing performance and power. The tips work exclusively with the high performance WX platform of soldering stations.

Wide range of high-end soldering tips

Whether in the electronics field, medical technology or aerospace field, the industry is moving faster, and the components are steadily becoming smaller, more complex and more powerful.

The soldering industry is no different and in order to meet these increasing demands, the company has expanded its existing Active RT soldering tip series. The company offers a wide range of high-end soldering tips – all linked to one single soldering station from the WX series. “As always, Weller makes No Compromise: we’re offering maximum performance, power and precision with our new RT Lines of tips. They also provide maximum protection to the PCBs and the components you are soldering, improving yield and ultimately reducing cost”, says Philippe Buidin, VP Marketing, Weller & General Manager, Weller Tools GmbH.

IPC industry standard

These soldering tips comply with IPC industry standards. The MS versions are also MIL-SPEC compliant and therefore protect both the printed circuit board and component. This not only achieves the best results, but successfully manages to keep running costs as low as possible. The boomerang handle design allows for precise handling while providing an ergonomic and secure grip.

The patented tip/handle unit enables speedy, hassle-free toolless tip change. The extended RT series with the three sub-series RT Pico, RT Micro and RT Ultra covers a wide range of point sizes and geometries for almost every soldering application allowing precision work from the smallest micro range components to robust applications with maximum energy requirements.

RT Pico soldering tips

The Active RT Pico soldering tips deliver pinpoint performance and maximum precision for micro-soldering applications – even with the smallest micro components that are barely visible to the eye, ranging from 0402 to 01005 in size. The short distance between the soldering tip and handle allows for extremely precise work and maximum control. In this way, damage to the highly sensitive micro components can be prevented reducing the number of expensive rejects.

RT Micro soldering tips

The Active RT Micro soldering tip range has been bolstered by new tip sizes and geometries, offering an even broader range of applications as well as extremely fast heat-up and recovery times.

RT Ultra soldering tips

The Active RT Ultra tips designed for rugged soldering applications meet maximum energy requirements with an innovative thermal core heating element. Therefore, an individually required energy supply and constant temperature can be guaranteed at the contact point of the soldered surface.

Soldering tips also impress with:

  • intelligent soldering iron technology, including motion sensor
  • reduced risk of burns when changing soldering tips
  • digital data storage in the intelligent soldering tool and in the soldering station


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