Complete visibility and control for process development

Tabletop printer for critical, high value SMT production

tabletop printer
The PrinTek Pro MP-1818-V tabletop printer has unique features that make it easy to set up and use. Source: Transition Automation Inc.

Transition Automation Inc., known for the Permalex metal squeegee blades and PrinTek series benchtop SMT printing machines, announces the launch of the PrinTek Pro MP-1818-V, a high-precision, configurable, controllable printer that’s designed specifically for the SMT printing professional, someone who is focused on process development and serious high value production without excess cost.

At first glance, the printer is basic and open-format; it prints a large area, yet it is a tabletop printer, and its high repeatability, configurability, and precision come from its unique features that make it easy to set up and use while delivering high performance.

“PrinTek Pro is designed for the SMT printing professional, hence the designation ‘Pro’,” says Mark J. Curtin, President, and also its developer. “If I were in the SMT production business, I would certainly choose this model to prove out critical productions. In fact, the user has much more control over the process, in part due to the ability to see everything clearly, and also the attention to a flat, rigid yet easy setup, and comfortable tooling.”

“Unlike far more costly automated printing machines where in general a process is tedious to set up, ours is easy and gives the operator complete visibility and control,” Curtin adds. “Too often, print quality is compromised simply because of the ordeal and toil of setup. This is a printer that will make the average SMT printing machine operator a master of high-quality, high value production at a fraction of the cost of automated equipment. That equipment often leaves its promises unfulfilled due to the painstaking requirements of training and setup.”

It has a board loading surface size of 18-in x 18-in, and accepts industry standard 20–20 stencils (23-in x 23-in OD). The printer can easily fit on a standard workbench with a 48-in x 36-in surface. The optional hydraulic lift bench available with the system offers the same surface dimensions and is also adjustable in the Z-height. This makes it especially well-suited for movement between lines and rearranging conditions which are common with fast growth SMT and R&D operations. The table has a support capacity of 1100 lbs., and includes a chrome plated handle for moving, plus lockable casters.

PrinTek Pro MP-1818-V improvements and enhancements include:

  • Special wedge-type R-theta tooling with infinite range of tool positions afforded by the coordinate style move and lock system;
  • Solid and accurate magnetic locking X-adjustment where the ball bearing-actuated linear table shuttles and “Locks” (couples) to a precision X-adjustment knob system;
  • Enhanced high-zoom, low profile vision system that doubles as a fine quality inspection system by having a linear slide that extends over to the output side of the printer;
  • Optional hydraulic lift bench, allowing easy adjustment to customize for different operator heights and comfort levels.

The systems are available in other sizes and delivery time is normally 8 weeks A.R.O.


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