Preventing voids with vacuum solutions

Vapor phase soldering systems for all sized PCB assemblies

vapor phase
The VP7000 series vacuum vapor phase oven operates without any work piece carriers, features single and dual-track conveyors, and pin-chain transport mechanisms. Source: Asscon Systemtechnik Elektronik GmbH

Asscon Systemtechnik Elektronik GmbH, a supplier of vapor phase soldering systems headquartered in Germany, was present at SMT Hybrid Packaging and exhibited its products, systems and technologies focused on vapor phase soldering. The solution portfolio included the VP800vac, the small and middle-sized manufacturing environment solution and the high-performance VP7000 in-line oven series with single and dual-track conveyors.

The VP7000 series vacuum vapor phase oven are based on cutting-edge soldering technologies: the machine operates without any work piece carriers, and features dual-track and pin-chain transport mechanisms. It achieves a high soldering quality and reliability in the minimum cycle time. It is designed for the void-free, 24/7 non-stop manufacturing of PCB board assemblies including 3D MID, and at the same time verifies minimal voiding figures of  1 % only. High-quality prototyping for NPI (new product introduction) is also a wide field of application. Users can realize with the dual-track conveyor a higher throughput rate of about 65 % compared to the single transport solution, and therefore a short cycle time of 20s is easily achievable. In contrast to the “classical” convection soldering ovens, the vapor phase system is specified with only a 25 kW connecting power, less than the factor 2 to 3 of regular convection reflow machines. Average power consumption is typically 5.5 kW/h (150-200 % down compared with others). The size of the PCB assemblies processed can measure a maximum of 620 x 450 mm (L x W) with the single-beam conveyor, or 620 x 250 mm using the dual-track transport. Of further benefit are the symmetrical and asymmetrical transport, the additional cooling (especially helpful for high-mass boards), and that no downtime occurs for product changes. The pin-chain conveyor mechanism provides high-speed and reliable board transport. As the vacuum can be activated or deactivated according to different requirements, the VP7000 can also be operated just as a standard in-line vapor phase soldering system.

The VP6000 vacuum vapor phase machine is engineered for the soldering of small and middle-sized board series. This system combines the benefits of vapor phase technology with a vacuum chamber in order to prevent voids in the solder joints. The compact batch-operated VP6000 system uses work-piece carriers and accepts board assemblies of up to 600 x 600 mm.

The VP800vac vapor phase soldering machine can be used in labs and likewise for prototyping, and for demanding manufacturing qualification work close to production as well. The construction of the system follows a multi-chamber principle that has been proven in the company’s batch and in-line configurations for many years. A special feature is its easy handling, allowing practically every user the quick and error-free soldering of highly complex PCB assemblies right from the beginning.

Furthermore, the company offers their in-line systems with a long-board option. In this range of machines is the VP2000, a high-volume soldering oven covering virtually all application demands of today’s electronics manufacturing. The carrier-less transport mechanism with electrically adjustable width and center support provides fast and easy adjustments to the requirements of highly flexible manufacturing lines. Product change from one temperature profile to another is done in less than 5 minutes. It is built in a modular configuration and consists of the intake, process and cooling areas, able to accommodate board lengths of up to 1,200 mm or even 1,500 mm.

The VP7000–200 model processes PCB assemblies of up to 1,000 mm in its vacuum chamber and achieves a cycle time typically in the range of 19 to 22s. The variant of the same system platform with dual track-transport is the VP7000–400 oven system.


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