Accomplishing absolute quality in manufacturing facility

Ensuring quality with recently acquired 3D SPI, AOI inspection

AOI inspection
3D SPI inspection at Flextron’s manufacturing facility. Source: Flextron Circuit Assembly

Flextron Circuit Assembly, a full-service contract electronics manufacturer, has added 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) capability and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to its PCBA manufacturing lines, ensuring high quality and reliability in its finished electronic assemblies.

Flextron has deployed two powerful 3D SPI systems from Koh Young Technology, in addition to post-soldering Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) provided by a Nordson Yestech F1S AOI system. The two KY8030–2 full 3D SPI systems provide inspection for defects and measurement data of printed solder paste, identifying defects such as insufficient paste volumes, missing prints, and print registration errors.

“Solder Paste Inspection is one of the most powerful process optimization tools that a PCBA manufacturer can have in his arsenal, given that fully 70 % of all soldering defects originate at the solder paste printing step,” states Jay Vora, VP Sales and Engineering, in making the announcement. “Our Koh Young 3D SPI systems actually measure the solder paste volume deposited on the individual pads,” he added.

The YTV F1S PCB AOI machine examines PCBAs further downstream, after the components have been attached (soldered) to the assembly. The AOI system uses machine vision to look for solder defects, lead defects, component presence and position, correct part or polarity, and more. “Applying optical inspection to as many aspects of the components and solder joints on a PCB as possible is the best approach to improving the quality assurance of assembled PCBs,” Jay Vora says, by utilizing true measurement technology with quantifiable measurement thresholds. The AOI system identifies lifted leads, missing components, component markings, skewed components, and more. “We use AOI to increase product quality, reliability and control of processes. By combining the results of both 3D SPI and AOI inspection and measurement, we are able to achieve real-time process optimization through powerful SPC analytics to ensure that defects that can result in costly rework or compromise product reliability are minimized or eliminated.”

“Flextron also has a Nikon XTV-160 X-ray inspection system, 3D X-ray capacity that enables us to examine BGA spheres, for example, with great precision,” Jay Vora adds. “We use this powerful quality assurance and failure analysis system to analyze leadless packages, wire bonds, PTH via fills, solder joints, molded parts, lead frames, and much more in a circumferential and tilting pattern. This enables detailed analysis, thus ensuring process quality from lot to lot for our customers.”

The company’s SPI and AOI capabilities complement its XTV-160 X-ray inspection system’s contribution to absolute quality in their manufacturing facility.


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