Extending reflow soldering and drying system processes

Managing Director for the US American branch

managing director
Carsten Kramer is responsible for the North American customers as Managing Director at Rehm USA. Source: Rehm Thermal Systems

Proximity and direct relations to customers worldwide – something that has been done for nearly 30 years: This takes top priority at Rehm Thermal Systems. As a manufacturer of thermal and system solutions for the electronics and photovoltaic industry, the company is represented locally with sales and services in 24 countries. Since the beginning of the year, Carsten Kramer has been responsible for the North American customers and partners as Managing Director at Rehm USA.

The company was quick to recognise that the American market offers huge potential – even for a manufacturer of thermal system solutions: in response to this, the company opened its North American branch in Atlanta in the US Federal State of Georgia in 1999, from where the activities for the USA and Canada are controlled and coordinated.

“I’m looking forward to my new task as Managing Director along with the challenges accompanying this role. The American market has different needs and other requirements in comparison to the European market”, states Carsten Kramer. “The United States is a huge country. Numerous sales activities are handled via distributors, which are jointly supported by the Rehm USA branch too.”

The North American electronics market offers tremendous potential: to focus on the high-quality and process-reliable systems of the company. A broad product portfolio of systems for diverse application fields is offered in the USA and Canada: These include reflow soldering solutions with convection or condensation, proven drying systems, hot and cold function test systems as well as complete coating lines for protective coatings.

“My first task will be to restructure the sales activities, while consolidating and extending the processes associated with our reflow soldering systems, drying systems as well as dispensing and coating solutions for protective coatings in North America. Special attention will be paid here to our vapour phase soldering systems of the CondensoX series as well as the Protecto coating systems. I’m looking forward to this challenge, as the requirements regarding both the systems and processes have increased and we need to respond faster to meet customer needs,” stresses Kramer. Customers can discover the innovative technology and quality of these systems for themselves at informative and training venues in the Rehm USA Technology Center in Atlanta.

He has been working with the company for three years. His first role was as contact for the photovoltaic area, where he coordinated both the global sales activities for the solar installations as well as strategic further development in close consultation with management. In addition, he oversaw the markets in Southeast Asia, India and Korea as Director Southeast Asia. Prior to this, Carsten Kramer had worked in the sector for nearly eight years, working as Managing Director in the areas of thermal systems and solar products amongst other functions. He was also employed in various positions at prominent companies in the automotive industry ten years beforehand. He set out on his professional career by studying mechanical engineering in Darmstadt and England.



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