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Peters’ kickoff in Asia

Starting 1st September 2016, the Peters team took over business operations, ahead of schedule, for Elpepcb printed circuit coatings in China, Taiwan and all countries of South East Asia. This is the logical step taken by the Peters Group to renew their company’s direct presence in the Asian market for this particular product segment.

At the end of last year Atotech, the long-term business partner, announced that they will cease the distribution of Elpepcb products in Asia and of all product lines in South East Asia by the end of 2016. Since that time, Peters has focused on the expansion of our own presence in Asia and worked intensely on securing a flawless provision of the products and a reliable customer service. In the transfer of the Elpepcb business, the company could benefit from the own experience gained in this market in the 1980s when they had reached a market share of up to 95 % in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, selling the first non-bleeding solder resist and peelable solder resists.
Operating in two separate firms and from different geographic sites, the team for Asia will communicate and work together closely even on a supra-regional level, with the support of the German headquarters where they are able to react in a speedy and uncomplicated way if necessary, thanks to the independence and flexibility.
Headed by Tim Schwartz, Peters Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Ltd. and its Singapore branch with Sky Sim, senior manager for the business development of Elpepcb products in Asia, and its Taiwan branch employing Roger Lo as Senior Sales Manager, are excellently positioned to take over and expand sales and services for the products in South East Asia.
Peters China (Shanghai) Ltd. which hired Julian Wang as Chief Operating Officer has mainly been dealing with China business operations since March already. Peter Li holds the position of Senior Sales Manager for Elpeguard conformal coatings and Elpecast casting compounds while Senior Sales Manager Gordon Yu is the main contact for all questions related to Elpepcb products.
While now the final preparations for a flawless transition are under way, there was time back in July for a team building event lasting several days where team members from all over Asia and the German headquarters could get to know each other and grow together. Supported by this team, the company look forward to co-operating directly with the Asian customers.

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